After putting her incredible skills on full display for Easy A, it will shock nobody to see Emma Stone start to get larger and larger roles. After playing a supporting character in films like Superbad and Zombieland, her first lead role showed that she has incredible stage presence, not to mention the start of a small cult. Now that's all starting to pay off.

Variety reports that Stone has begun to not only circling the lead female role in the film version of 21 Jump Street, but has been added to the short list of actresses being considered to play one of two female lead roles in the Spider-Man reboot (though the character won't be Mary Jane Watson). The potential 21 Jump Street casting is the first to come out of the film since Jonah Hill was named as the writer/star (the film would reteam Stone and Hill for the first time since their breakout 2007 hit). Other actresses on the Spider-Man short list include Lily Collins, Teresa Palmer and Mia Wasikowska.

I've had my own personal moral battle with the Spider-Man reboot, but a pairing of Garfield and Stone at the top would be utterly fantastic (though it seems like a wasted opportunity to have her not play Mary Jane). The biggest roadblock, really, is that Garfield is five years older than Stone, but that really doesn't mean much in the movie world. Sony should simply throw out the rest of their list and choose her immediately.

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