We keep having to remind ourselves that Neill Blomkamp's next film doesn't involve aliens, since District 9 made such a strong impression. And despite the fact that rich people are now living in a spaceship and life back on Earth has gotten pretty dismal, life is still at least intact on our planet, which is more than we can say for most of these movies. Although given the fact that Matt Damon is determined to upset the social order, we might not expect that to last for too long.

Pacific Rim
This vision of the future doesn't look much like ours, given that people are spending their time building giant robots that are used to fight giant sea monsters. But all things considered, humanity is hanging on pretty well-- if a Charlie Day's hipster scientist is still making it, then we're all gonna make it after all.

The World's End
Sure, it sounds like it's right there in the title, but Edgar Wright, Nick Frost and Simon Pegg promise to be a bit more cagey with their third film together. The World's End is technically a pub at the tail end of a pub crawl embarked on by a bunch of guys way too old for pub crawls. But will it mean the actual apocalypse? Nothing at all? Something in-between? This is one upcoming movie even the trust Emmerich scale can't figure out.

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