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Every year we try to come up with movie-related Halloween stuff to run, giving you advice on which costumes to wear and to avoid, and how to pick precisely the right horror movies to scare yourself to death on that spooky Saturday. But really, we know you guys are brilliant-- you read this site, don't you? So for this year's recommendations on the best movie costumes, we're taking it to you guys.

That's right-- we're having a costume contest. Send in your best photos of your best TV or movie-related costumes from years past, whether it's a storebought Indiana Jones whip and fedora or a completely hand-constructed to-scale model of R2D2 for your 4-year-old to wear around the neighborhood. Yes, since we're a TV site as well, TV characters count-- and you should know that your judge is particular to Lost and Dharma jumpsuits. We'll judge the best and post them next week, with the three best winning a Saw VI T-shirt, just in time to wear either to the theater to see the new movie, or on Halloween for extra scares.

How do you enter? Glad you asked. Either e-mail your photo (or your kid's, or your dog's) to [email protected], or Twitpic it and direct it to us on Twitter, by tweeting "@cinemablend Here's my Halloween Costume Contest entry." Any story that goes along with the entry is, of course, more than welcome. Please edit it down to under a MB, since we don't want to kill our server. Depending on how many entries we get, we may involve the Twitter masses to vote on the best ones. It's all up to you and how many awesome contests you have up your sleeve!

Entries must be received by Monday, October 25 at 11:59 p.m. (UPDATE: Due to popular demand, we've extended the submission deadline to Friday, October 30th at 5:59 p.m., to leave room for this year's costumes to make it in) Employees of and their families are not eligible to win. Now get those photos sent!

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