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Watching the trailers for David Gordon Green's Your Highness it's pretty easy to figure out the target demographic. After all, you're talking about a movie directed by the same guy who made Pineapple Express; starring James Franco and Danny McBride; and featuring an endless stream of pot and masturbation jokes (and in no way is that a bad thing). It's a film obviously made for audiences in their late teens-early 20s and now they are going to be bringing the film directly to that audience.

Universal and Eventful have set up a "Demand It!" contest where colleges across the country can compete to not only have the world premiere of Your Highness play at their school, but host an after party run by Franco, McBride and Gordon Green. Not to be left out, the schools that come in 2nd through 6th place will get an advanced screening of the film prior to its release on April 8th. The contest ends on March 21st at 9:00 am PST, so be sure to vote as soon as possible!

The event's announcement has come with an introduction video by Danny McBride which you can watch below. Head on over to Eventful.com to enter and for more about Your Highness be sure to check out the film's page in our Blend Film Database.