Apart from a shorter running time and a significantly better hair dresser for Tom Hanks, Angels and Demons doesn't offer audiences any improvements from The DaVinci Code. In return, audiences aren't offering any improvements to the film either.

The Da Vinci Code's controversial first day saw $28.6 million. Angels and Demons bowed in at almost half that, a paltry $16.5 million. That may not be any consolation to Hanks and director Ron Howard, but they can take solace in the fact that it looks like the religious thriller will top last week's winner Star TreK.

The sci-fi prequel dropped $15 million from its $26.9 million first day. That rough 56% drop could mean Star Trek is in for the same rough ride as Wolverine: a glittery open followed by a quick plummet into summer box office mediocrity.

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