Star Trek rumors have been flying fast all weekend, spurned on by the official announcement of Simon Pegg and John Cho as Scotty and Sulu respectively. This one popped up over at IESB Friday, and somehow I missed it. Actually, I wish I’d gone right on missing it, because it has the potential to be pretty depressing.

I think we’d all basically assumed that there’d be at least some sort of redesign done to the interior of the original Enterprise NCC-1701 for JJ Abrams’ Star Trek prequel. After all, that old bridge is pretty dated now, designed with 1960s sensibilities, full of silly looking toggle switches and carboard stickers. It makes sense that it would have some sort of an update. What I never thought they’d be stupid enough to do though, is completely redesign the signature exterior of the ship. Well brace yourselves, because rumor has it that’s exactly what Abrams is doing.

IESB didn’t get into specifics on how big of a redesign we’re looking at, but their sources tell them that the ship will indeed look different. Before I can decide if I want to start a lynch mob to go after Abrams, I think I need to know how different. For Star Trek: The Motion Picture the classic 1960s exterior of the Enterprise was also redesigned . But the redesign was actually fairly minor. It kept the basic look and shape of the ship intact, and merely enhanced it. The result was actually a really cool look. If they’re doing that kind of mild upgrade of the Enterprise’s look, then that’s great. If we’re talking about painting it pink and putting it on roller skates, then I give me a torch and a pitchfork.

The Enterprise, more than anything about Trek, is an absolute icon. It’s not only beautiful, it’s instantly identifiable. Heck, the original Enterprise has it’s own stamp. It’s like putting Superman in a green costume, or making Spider-Man blue and giving him a cape. Take a big dump on continuity and cannon, destroy everything else there is about Trek, but you’d have to be an absolute jerk to want to ruin Enterprise. I’m sure Abrams is smarter than that. This has to be just some minor tweaking. I'm going to take a deep breath and convince myself of the best.

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