Ridley Scott's adaptation of the classic “take from the rich and give to the poor” tale of Robin Hood has been on most everyone's can't-effing-wait list for quite some time now, and this week has been fruitful for those of us waiting patiently for our first glimpses of action.

Yesterday we were handed a hot off the presses trailer which proved at the very least that Ridley Scott should find some time to make a horror movie. It also showed us that if you were to look up “EPIC AS SHIT!” in the dictionary, you'd probably find Russell Crowe doing something in slow motion.

Today a new video has popped up over seas at Filmstar that should probably be titled “Holy Crap That's a Shit Load of Horses.” It's exactly what you should expect out of a behind the scenes clip; no interviews, no graphics, no frills, just a straight up look at what's going on. And they couldn't have picked a neater scene. One of the film's massive battle scenes is unfolding in an epic manner and you get to be a fly on the wall. Dive on in below.

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