It looks like we may have overestimated the star power JJ Abrams’ new Star Trek is bringing to bear. Till now we’ve all been under the assumption that they landed Eric Bana to play the movie’s villain, that we’d see him going toe to toe with a young Captain Kirk, or at the least an old Leonard Nimoy in the kind of mano a mano battle we haven’t seen since Kirk vs. Khan. Well nope.

Eric Bana recently spoke to the Herald Sun about his role in the film, which they say he describes as a “cameo”. Bana then told them, “It's just a great character, it's J.J. Abrams. It's a really well-written script, great part. Couldn't say no. I don't actually look at the size of parts ever.”

It’s not often cameos are described as “well written” so perhaps he’s underestimating his place in the film just a bit. It is however true that he hasn’t showed up on set to start filming his part yet. I don’t think we’re looking at the equivalent of Christian Slater’s blink-and-you’ll-miss it cameo aboard the Excelsior in Star Trek VI, but it does sound like Bana’s participation in this film may be much less than we’ve been led to believe.

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