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Last week we brought you the news that DreamWorks was planning a movie based on the website Museum of Supernatural History, a.k.a. Musunahi. And as if to prove that they really want to make the movie, rather than just snap up the rights and sit on them, they've gone ahead and hired a screenwriter-- none other than Tropic Thunder's Etan Cohen.

No, not the Ethan Coen you usually see associated with his brother Joel-- this is a different guy entirely, who co-wrote Idiocracy and is working on Men in Black 3 as well. THR writes that Cohen's taken on Musunahi will focus on the curator of the Museum itself, forced to seek out and protect some of the world's best supernatural secrets. THR's story cites The Sphinx and Stonehenge, both of which I thought were real, but the site itself talks about Sasquatch and Nessie-- much more supernatural and fun, I'd say.

Cohen has a lot of screenwriting balls up in the air right now, and I'm not entirely sure where Musunahi will fall in line. I'd be perfectly happy to see this one come before Men in Black 3, though-- and Candy Land for that matter. If Musunahi keeps Cohen busy enough, it may spare us from all kinds of cinematic disasters.

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