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Even though he still pretty well fits the definition of movie star, Ethan Hawke has a penchant for embarking on projects with total nobodies, from the newcomer writer-directors behind Daybreakers to his work with people far less famous than he in the New York theater scene. Though his taste in projects can be questionable from time to time, you've gotta give the guy credit for not just cashing in every time he shows up on a set.

Now according to Production Weekly, Hawke has found yet another newcomer to share the limelight. The actor is in talks to star in The Numbers Station, a script from first-timer Scott Frazier that's described as "a contained action thriller." That phrase could mean pretty much anything, of course, but it's a fair guess that we'll see Hawke in hero mode in the film. His signing on increases the odds of the film getting made immensely, but it's a tough world out there for original scripts, so who knows when we might actually see a finished film.