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Even The Dude Gets Sucked Into The Big Lebowski When It's On TV
A discussion with Jeff Bridges without at least one reference or question pertaining to the 1998 cultural hit The Big Lebowski is a conversation that's wasted. While the film landed with a thud theatrically when it first came to theaters, it made itself into a fixture among comedy buffs upon its home video release. Nowadays it's an easy top 10 pick for Coen Brothers and Jeff Bridges enthusiasts, as well as an operator's manual for those who practice "Dudeism" (a modified form of Taoism). Not bad for a movie that initially flopped out during the year of Armageddon. Believe it or not, even Mr. Bridges - the man who brought The Dude himself to life - is as big of a fan of the film as the rest of us are.
I don't watch many of my movies on TV, but whenever I'm flipping the channels, and I'm a big flipper when I watch TV, when Lebowski comes up, I think "Oh I'll just watch a few scenes" and then I get sucked in, because the scenes are so funny.

To know that even Jeff Bridges isn't immune to the charms of The Big Lebowski speaks to just how awesome the film actually is. However, the big question that started this whole response was what his favorite scene of the film was. Out of all of those iconic moments, lines, pratfalls, and gags; you'd think it'd be a fool's errand to pick one. Mr. Bridges was happy to oblige though, stating that his favorite scene was one in the limo where Jeffrey Lebowski hands The Dude what he assumes to be Bunny's toe.

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