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The first trailer for Mission: Impossible -- Ghost Protocol is set to premiere in front of Transformers: Dark of the Moon in just a few short days, but for whatever reason, moviegoers in France have gotten a look at it first. And now thanks to a particularly unscrupulous one of those moviegoers, we can take a look at it too, via a somewhat shoddy camera job that admittedly isn't the best way to get your first look at this movie. But if you're a fan of the franchise, of Tom Cruise, or especially of Pixar veteran director Brad Bird, you've seriously got to take a look at this. Watch it below, and quickly as it's likely to be removed soon.

Of course there's no sense at all of what the plot might be, but given how convoluted the Mission: Impossible movies usually are, it's not surprising that they'll save that for later. I'm a little baffled by the choice of an Eminem song to accompany all the fighting, jumping and explosions we're seeing, but it works undeniably well with the action, which already seems to be proving that Bird has jumped flawlessly from animation to live-action. The focus is mostly on Cruise, both as the headliner of the franchise and a huge international star, but I wonder if the domestic trailer might give a little more time to Jeremy Renner, who is being groomed as the new face of the franchise and get what (I assume) is a great stand-off moment with Cruise near the end-- it's kind of hard to tell when everything is dubbed over in French.

Even though the video is of crappy quality, and impossible to understand unless you speak French, I love this teaser as a preview of what we can expect from the film, which hits theaters a long six months from now on December 16. Watch it over and over again if you must to get all the detail-- hey, there's Simon Pegg! Hey, look at that insane car crash shot!-- but expect a high-res, English version to show up very soon as well. That's the one I'll probably have on a loop for the next few days.

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