Shazam – July 2016
Believability: 70%
We first heard rumblings about a possible Shazam movie at Warner Bros. and DC Comics all the way back in 2006 when director Peter Segal became attached to helm, but in case you didn’t notice, the film never actually got made. As Segal explains it, the lead character has simply always been seen as being too similar to Superman, and the presence of films like Superman Returns and Man of Steel have done their part to block the-hero-formally-known-as-Captain Marvel’s chance to be on the big screen. If the most recent announcements are to be believed, however, then that stigma is soon coming to an end… but can the announcements actually be believed?

While the idea of a Shazam movie by itself doesn’t send up a ton of alarms, the reported release date certainly does. July 2016 is just a couple months after the release of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, and that film is already through pre-production and has already begun shooting. While the purported Shazam date is still more than two years away, it still has to meet a certain standard that DC is going for in terms of scale, and as far as we know the project doesn’t have a script or a director involved at this point.

What the film lacks in attached filmmakers, though, it could potentially make up in having extreme star power. Of all the rumored titles, few make more sense for Dwayne Johnson, who has been saying for months that he has a deal in the works at DC Comics and was actually once attached to play Black Adam in the Shazam movie. The star has given away clues regarding the identity of his in-the-works character, saying that he is A) Emotionally complex, B) Has never been in a feature before, and C) a "badass motherfucker" with powers on the level of Superman. Shazam fits all three of those criteria.

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