3) Fulton Reed
Number: 44

Movies: All 3 Movies

Pros: Incredible slap shot, key physical presence, good teammate

Cons: Poor skater, dumbass

Analysis: This is where things get tough. Guy does a lot more things well than Fulton, but the things Fulton does well, he crushes at. He’s the most menacing presence on the entire team. He has a cannon of a shot that’s so fast it leaves puckprints in the gloves of various goalies or just straight up knocks them over. Who else does that? No one. And that makes him an absolute force of nature on the ice, someone capable of completely taking over a game when it’s needed.

It also helps make up for his poor skating, his lack of mobility and his poor hockey instincts. They don’t really focus on this in The Mighty Ducks or any of the sequels, but there’s no way Fulton is defensively responsible in his own zone, just as there’s no way he’s capable of making a breakout pass through the neutral zone. He’s just really limited, but damn, that limited part of him is too incredible to keep down.

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