#4) Put Tar On The Stairs And Hide A Face-Up Nail
The Idea: Slather all of the stairs with really sticky tar. Them hammer a nail into a very thin black substance and place it face up on top of the tar.

Best Case Scenario: Constantly getting stuck on his way up the stairs, the burglar will remove his shoes. Later, he will remove his socks. And even later, he will step directly onto the nail, falling all the way back down the stairs and potentially breaking his neck. A later autopsy will reveal he contracted tetanus just moments before his death.

Worst Case Scenario: The burglar will avoid the one nail cleverly hidden. He will make his way upstairs, absent shoes, and know without a shadow of a doubt that he should never return to the basement for any reason at all. He will also alert his partner who will avoid the downstairs as well.

Analysis: I love this booby trap, but for the life of me I don’t understand what the appeal of only using one nail is. The top rows of stairs should be lined with nails. If someone is getting up the stairs, it should be a mathematical guarantee that he will step on multiple nails, at least provided he doesn’t have some weird Bruce Lee, Parkour expertise in his backpocket that allows him to walk up the walls.

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