#6) Throw Water On Already Icy Stairs
The Idea: Take a bucket of water and/ or a hose and spray water all over already slippery stairs. This will create even more ice and make the surface nearly impossible to navigate, especially for someone not expecting ice.

Best Case Scenario: The burglars will try to enter the house and wipe out in comical fashion repeatedly. Every time they wipe out, they will fall back to the bottom of the stairs, forcing each to navigate the entire grouping of steps again, as if they're trapped inside some painful video game level. Eventually, one or both will either break their backs or completely give up on entering the house in that fashion.

Worst Case Scenario: Old Man Marley will decide to be an extremely nice neighbor and go ahead and salt your extremely icy stairs. By the time the burglar arrives, the stairs will be very easy to navigate. Or perhaps, he will not ice the stairs, but in an effort to flee the property, you will find yourself with a need to get down the stairs and you will break your back during a disastrous wipeout.

Analysis: Throwing water on the stairs is obviously the first thing you do. Anyone defending their home would do it. Back in the day, knights even threw some water around their castles to ward off potential attackers.

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