For those of you unfamiliar with 13, here’s a brief history. French filmmaker Gela Babluani put out a black and white movie in 2005 called 13 Tzameti, chronicling the life of a man named Sebastien as he gets involved in a seedy game where men bet on the lives of other men in escalated games of Russian roulette. Taking that same concept, Babluani is putting together an Americanized version of his own movie for Paramount Vantage and packing it full of film’s biggest badasses.

A new trailer dropped over at Shadow and Act giving us a brief glimpse into the underground game, run by a villainous Michael Shannon. Two Expendables grace the screen here in the hulking form of Mickey Rourke and Jason Statham, complimented by possible future Expendable 50 Cent and Beowulf himself, Ray Winstone. These big dudes all contrast the film’s star, Sam Riley, who looks like he could double as a hand rail.

The trailer is enough to get the viewer interested, but it tries way to hard to be cool and intense and doesn’t really come across as either. The film looks good, don’t get me wrong, there are just some poor editing choices in the trailer, not the least of which are the rough title cards. Scope it out below.

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