Everyone knows by now that Sam Raimi has been talking about bringing Evil Dead back to the screen with another sequel, but it seems he has even more in mind for his cult horror franchise. According to ScreenDaily, Raimi is talking to producers about taking the musical version of Evil Dead, which has been running off-Broadway, to the big screen.

That’s right, Evil Dead: The Musical may soon be coming to a theater near you. When it comes, it won’t just be any singing, dancing horror movie based on a play, based on a movie; it’ll be a singing, dancing, horror movie based on a movie, based on a play in 3D. If the deal gets done, the plan is to shoot Evil Dead: The Musical 3D in spring of next year, and what’s more they’re bringing along at least some of the original cast. That has to mean Bruce Campbell doesn’t it? I mean, why bother with any of the cast original cast at all if you can’t get Campbell?

Check out a clip from the stage version of Evil Dead: The Musical below, and get a taste of what we could be in for:

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