You may remember that a few months ago Tom Hanks inspired a lot of speculation by tweeting a single photo. Before any official casting announcement had been made, Hanks tweeted a photo of the entire group, with no captions or labels to tell us who anyone was (though Hanks and co-star Julia Roberts were pretty easy to figure out). Sleuths at sites like Coming Soon were able to identify a lot of the main ones, such as Wilmer Valderrama and Taraji P. Henson, but one actress eluded everyone. Was it Natasha McElhone? Meryl Streep's actress daughter Mamie Gummer?

Actually, it was none of them-- it's Grace Gummer, sister of Mamie and daughter of Meryl, who is making her feature film debut at this year's Tribeca Film Festival in Meskada and will be filming a role this summer in Larry Crowne as a student in a community college class taught by Roberts, where Hanks enrolls as a student. She couldn't tell me much about the role, but our conversation was the first time she's confirmed being part of the Larry Crowne cast at all. Check out what Grace had to say below; we'll have more from our interview with her and Meskada director Josh Sternfeld tomorrow.

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