People are suckers for illusions. Why else would carnival sideshows still be in business? You drop your cash to walk into a tent to catch glimpse of a human deformity that’s clearly bogus. What happened to the days when freak shows were dark and truly terrifying? That’s what director Brian Corder is going for in Carnies, but the carnies themselves are the ones getting scared when an evil force begins to claim their lives one-by-one.

Carnies isn’t due out on DVD until October 12th and the theatrical and VOD release dates are still pending, but we’ve exclusively got the film’s brand new poster and the rendering is fantastic. The guy with the gun is Detective Ellison (Reggie Bannister), the man put on the case when death plagues the tents. On the far left is Doug Jones who plays Ratty, the carnival snake handler and good pal of the man with the muscles, Virgil (Chris Staviski). Oh, and that creepy guy in the top right corner? You’ll have to see the movie to find out.

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