If you like a good movie about crime and the seedy underbelly of the city, but feel like you've seen way too many stories about dirty deeds in Los Angeles or New York or some other American cities, maybe you can expand your horizons withViva Riva!. Winner of 6 Africa Academy Movie Awards, including Best Film, it's a Congolese drama about a man who returns to his hometown of Kinshasa with a fortune thanks to hijacked gasoline. Here's how the rest of the plot descriptions puts it:

Wads of cash in hand and out for a good time, Riva is soon entranced by beautiful night club denizen Nora, the kept woman of a local gangster. Into the mix comes an Angolan crime lord relentlessly seeking the return of his stolen shipment of gasoline. Director Djo Tunda Wa Munga’s Kinshasa is a seductively vibrant, lawless, fuel-starved sprawl of shantytowns, gated villas, bordellos and nightclubs and Riva is its perfect embodiment.

Viva Riva! hits theaters on June 10, and today we're debuting the brand new poster for the film, boasting both a sleek noir design and two enthusiastic critic's quotes. Check out the poster below, and to learn more about the movie you can visit the official site or official Facebook page.

(Click below for an even bigger image)

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