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A few months ago, just after some audiences got their first look at Ninja Assassin at Comic Con, there were reports that the movie's star Rain had been picked to headline a remake of Enter the Dragon, the seminal Bruce Lee martial arts movie. With Ninja Assassin coming out in just a few weeks, there's still been no confirmation that Rain will in fact play the role-- but we can guarantee you he's considered it.

Below see a very brief snippet from my interview with him, in which he confirms that he's discussed the film with the studio (Warner Bros., the same people distributing Ninja Assassin), but in his words, "I haven't decided yet." Now whether that means that the studio isn't 100% sure they want him, or that he's not certain he wants to do it, I have no idea. My guess is they're all waiting to see the response to Ninja Assassin before they make any promises. Anyway, check out his dodging the question below, and we'll keep you posted if there's any news one way or another.

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