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This weekend Tyrese Gibson will be seen as one of the many human failing to kill Decepticons in Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, but you'll really start hearing about him later this summer, when he prepares to release his first-ever comic book Mayhem. I talked to Tyrese yesterday about Mayhem and a little bit about Transformers, but he also gave me updates on the many projects we've heard his name attached to over the last few months. Will he play B.A. Baracus in the A-Team movie? Will he be Luke Cage? How about Captain America?

The answer to all of these, and pretty much any other comic book character you can name, is "probably not." "I'm not attached to any comic book roles right now," he told me in our phone interview. "But they do have me in mind for a few of them, which I'm honored that they even have me in mind." Apparently they called him for the Green Lantern role recently, but that one didn't seem to pan out. Even Luke Cage, a character we had long assumed Tyrese would play, is merely something he's "very interested in," and a movie he guarantees won't be made for a while. :That movie won't be made no time soon. Literally a bunch of years away."

And yes, you're right, B.A. Baracus isn't a comic book character, but he's not part of the equation either right now. "Now that they're making a movie about it, I don't know who they have in mind, but I would definitely be honored if I ever got that phone call." That's a little different from the tone he was taking last fall, when he suggested that the only thing standing between him and a role in the movie was a tweaked script. But I'm guessing now that the cast is coming together and Tyrese hasn't yet gotten the phone call, he's slightly less confident about his future as Baracus.

Tyrese has movie roles coming up, obviously, in Transformers 3 if nothing else. But with no movie franchises looming on the horizon, it looks like Mayhem will be the true main focus. We'll bring you more from my interview with Tyrese tomorrow.

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