God has spoken, and he doesn't want to see In the Name of the King II any more than you do. According to Canada's CBC there's been an explosion on the Vancouver set of Uwe Boll's sure-to-be-disasterpiece, and six people were injured. Luckily none of the injuries are considered life-threatening, and nobody had to be airlifted to the hospital, though it's likely that some innocent people will now be burned for the rest of their lives in the name of an Uwe Boll movie starring Dolph Lundgren.

The explosion apparently didn't happen as a result of effects work, but the routine process of filling the propane tanks used to heat the set. There's no word on who was injured, but I have a feeling if it had been Lundgren or Boll we would have heard about it right now. We learned that the film was happening only earlier this month, when Lundgren revealed the details of the role he'd be playing;

I play an ex-middle ages war veteran who gets fucked up but he gets pulled into some sort of medieval power struggle, kind of gets a bit of a redemption for all his pains in service. It’s a role I just wanted to [play.] It’s fun to exercise my acting chops once in a while.

Hopefully the explosion won't hinder Lundgren from exercising his acting chops-- if that is in fact possible on an Uwe Boll film-- and that the injured people either return to work soon or take the hefty settlement and spend the rest of their lives far, far away from an Uwe Boll set.

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