Like mentioned when we got our hands on the new Alice in Wonderland trailer released early this morning, these new trailers finally give us an idea of the Wonderland we're actually going to be seeing. The difference here is that this new extended trailer, shows us just why Alice finds herself tumbling back down the rabbit hole into a world she can only dream about. And it's the guy pictured at the right. Who wouldn't run from that?

Boasting piles of action that the first trailer lacked, we're still not getting a look at that whacked out Caterpillar in action. Fans seemed to be clambering for just a glimpse like we got in the three part poster, but we're still waiting to see just how he comes across on film. Either way, this trailer is exactly what it should have been: fun, action packed, and about as visually stimulating as a bad acid trip. Burton may have another masterpiece on his hands.

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