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Some days movie blogging isn’t as fun as it should be. It’s not scrubbing toilets (I’ve done that) or wallowing around in a grease pit (I’ve done that too) but like any job it has its ups and downs. On those days when its down, there’s no better pick-me-up than footage like this, from Pixar.

I imagine the interior of Pixar’s offices like living inside joy. I’m sure they have their bad days too, but if there’s a better place on Earth to work, I can’t name it. It’s more than just fantasy, the footage below seems to support this notion. In a few weeks you’ll head out to see Toy Story 3, and like everything they do, you’ll love it. But the great thing about Pixar is that they seem to genuinely love making these things as much as we love watching them. That’s sadly rarer than you’d think.

In the three extensive behind the scenes videos below you’ll see some of what went into making Toy Story 3 a reality. It’s worth watching just to see Tom Hanks huffing and puffing and acting out Woody’s part while he records his voice, but stick around until the last clip when John Lasseter puts a ridiculous hat on his head to entertain the orchestra before they begin recording the Toy Story 3 score.

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