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We've been joking for a while about the incredible havoc the Transformers 3 set has wreaked upon Chicago, but this time there's actually a human victim, and it's not funny at all. Reports are coming in from all over that an extra, not a stuntperson, had her skull sliced open by a loose cable during a stunt filming in Hammond, Indiana.

A local news report dug up by Jalopnik has the most info, explaining that 24-year-old Gabriela Cedillo was paid minimum wage plus an additional $25 to appear as an extra in the scene, driving her own car. She was sitting in her 2006 Toyota when a stunt car pulled by a tow truck drove past; the cable on the tow snapped, "whipped around" and sliced through both the car and Cedillo's head. She is in critical condition at the local hospital after undergoing brain surgery.

Over at Deadline they're hearing from all kinds of industry professionals who suggest that someone at Paramount responsible for the production is going to pay dearly for this mistake. "An extra doing stunts in her own car with a tow rig? Holy shit is somebody's head gonna roll over this one. SO many things against industry standards, don't know where to start! Bay should be starting to sweat right about now. 30yrs of motion pictures and never seen stunts fuck up this bad."

You can watch the local news report below; we'll keep you posted on whether or not Cedillo pulls through, and just how much trouble Michael Bay and company are in.

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