Moneyball is currently shooting on location at the Oakland Coliseum, the very stadium where Oakland A's general manager Billy Beane turned around his team's fortunes by applying some unorthodox economics theories to the process of hiring baseball players. Brad Pitt and Jonah Hill are starring in the movie version of the story (based on Michael Lewis's 2003 book), which probably means it hasn't been hard to rustle up enough extras to fill the stands in the baseball scenes. After all, who would turn down the chance to get up close and personal with Brad Pitt?

Well, "up close and personal" seems to be a pretty relative term. Photos snapped by participating extras are being collected on Moneyball's official Facebook page, and well, they're mostly fuzzy at best. The best one approximates a paparazzi shot of Hill and Pitt simply standing around in front of a director's chair that reads "Wally Pfister" (he's the DP who also shot Inception), while most are just of the back of the other extras' heads with tiny specks of actors in the background. There's one truly hilarious and puzzling image, though, of the ticket extras are given for access to the set. Are they really using Brad Pitt's head as the "o" in the title, and are they really claiming that "Brad Pitt is Moneyball." Yes, it seems they are. Check out the weirdness and the paparazzi-type shot below, and hope for more on-the-ground reporting to come in on this one.

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