Up until May, long time stunt coordinator Simon Crane was in line to direct the adaptation of the videogame Kane and Lynch, which stars Bruce Willis and Jamie Foxx in the title roles. Somewhere along the line, however, Crane vacated the spot over creative differences, leaving the production company behind the project, Millennium Films, scrambling to find a replacement. After putting Wayne Kramer and Roger Donaldson on a short-list, they may have found their man.

Director F. Gary Gray is now in talks with Millennium Films to direct Kane and Lynch, according to THR, though no official offer has been made yet. Based on the third-person shooter, Willis and Foxx play a death row inmate and a schizophrenic killer, respectively, who team up as mercenaries to recover a stolen microchip.

There are few directors who scream mediocrity more than F. Gary Gray. The man has his highs (The Negotiator) and his lows (Be Cool), but the rest just fall some where in the middle, neither good nor completely awful. The only issue here is that, as a videogame adaptation, this project comes in with a serious handicap to overcome. Perhaps Gray will use the opportunity to show us something that we haven't seen since the mid-1990s: real quality film making.

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