The Farrelly Brothers have minted hints based on some bizarre concepts-- stalkers, semen-as-hair-gel, etc.-- but their next movie sounds ambitious even by their standards. Peter and Bobby Farrelly are planning to produce, and maybe direct, an adaptation of the children's book Walter the Farting Dog, starring no less than the Jonas Brothers as members of a family that has to deal with a gassy pet.

If you're not squealing over the very mention of the Jonas Brothers, you're obviously not watching much of the Disney Channel. They're the boy-band equivalent of Hannah Montana, and have already made a fortune with concert tours and made-for-TV movies. Farting Dog would be their feature debut, and would showcase their singing as well as a plot that somehow involves jewel thieves, a dying aunt and koi fish. The youngest Jonas, Frankie, who doesn't perform as part of the band, will also be in the movie.

Variety says that Farting Dog, which is part of a series, may become a franchise for Fox. It sounds like the kind of bizarre hijinks that kids love, and the Jonas Brothers are proven properties, at least when it comes to singing. I can't fathom how this movie is going to make any sense, but then again, I don't get the Jonas Brothers either. For those about to enjoy this insanity, we salute you.

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