Super Bowl time is a busy time that is filled with distraction. You have the game, drinks, food, guests and hundreds of commercials just begging for your attention. Studios use the big media event to get widespread attention for their blockbuster films and spend millions to do so, but at the end of the day does anybody remember anything? And if stuff is getting through, which was one was remembered the most?

Consulting recent poling numbers done by, the answers are a) yes and b) Iron Man 3. Statistics gathered by the movie site say that 79% of people remembered seeing the superhero sequel's ad during the big game. Ranking behind it were Fast & Furious 6 (77%), Star Trek Into Darkness (69%), Oz The Great and Powerful (68%) and World War Z (48%). The top ranks were agreed upon by both men and women audiences.

But while Iron Man 3 was the most remembered trailer of the evening, it was Fast & Furious 6 that was, according to the stats, "most effective at encouraging the viewers to see the film in the theaters." Among the different demographic splits - which includes men vs. women, and over and under 25 years of age - the racing movie sequel was considered the most effective ad of the night (though Iron Man 3 broke the trend by having "the highest effectiveness" for audiences 25 of older, meaning FF6 was largely driven by the younger crowd).

The ticket site also notes that 58% of participants said they rewatched Super Bowl ads on YouTube either during or after the game and that among film related commercials Iron Man 3 was the most popular followed by, once again, Fast & Furious 6. Star Trek Into Darkness also got a boost, the numbers saying that 3% of survey participants downloaded the film's mobile app to get access to more content.

What did you think was the best Super Bowl trailer of the night? Join the conversation HERE.

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