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Stephen King’s To-Be Published Novel Mr. Mercedes Optioned for Feature
We’ve only last year seen a second theatrical iteration of a Stephen King novel, with more remakes on the way, and wouldn’t you know it, his upcoming thriller novel Mr. Mercedes has already been snatched up by Media Rights Capital and the Twilight producers at Temple Hill, according to Tracking Board. Not only that, but they’ve already attached veteran director Jack Bender to helm it. With over 30 years in the game, Bender made his Hollywood debut with Child’s Play 3 but pretty much eschewed films altogether for TV work. His talent is seen on such notable series as The Sopranos and Carnivale, and he was a frequent director of choice for Lost and Under the Dome, adapted from King’s novel of course.

Mr. Mercedes tells the story of a Midwestern city under attack from a dangerous killer named Brad Hartfield, who uses his Mercedes to ruthlessly run people down with no apologies. He antagonizes retired cop Bill Hodges, who dedicated part of his life to bringing justice to the as-yet unsolved murders. Thus begins an extremely disturbing game of cat and mouse, with an endgame putting thousands at risk. Since I haven’t read it yet, I can’t speak for how awesome it is, but I’m a King fanatic to the bone, and he almost never fails when it comes to hyper-realistic terror. I’m already making casting wishes, throwing Mercedes hood ornaments into wells.

mr. Mercedes

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