The Still Incomplete The Wicker Man: Final Cut Coming To U.S.
Forty years on, Robin Hardy’s The Wicker Man is still one of the most unsettling films ever made, regardless of how its performances have woodened over the years. Admittedly, part of the strange feelings the film inspires is because of the numerous plot strands that seemingly appear and vanish with ill abandon. The reason for this is something of a legend in itself: there once existed (and possibly still does) a full 120+ minute cut of the film that tied up all the loose ends, but the plethora of different cuts that audiences see are usually around the 90-95 minute mark. Case in point: this Final Cut Blu-ray that Lionsgate Home Entertainment is putting out is not a full cut, and clocks in at around 92 minutes, but it is indeed Hardy’s preferred version of the film.

I’d complain, but I really do like the movie as it was the first time I saw it, and my libido came close to breaking out of my skin. Even with certain doom on the line…

Anyway, the Blu-ray set will get its release on January 7, 2014, and will also hit VOD for anyone who doesn’t like special features, such as a "restoration comparison" extra, along with some featurettes and an interview. No commentary? I have qualms with this, but I’m not about to let them be known, lest I get invited to a certain ceremony. I wonder how the trilogy-ending Wrath of Gods is doing.

wicker man blu-ray

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