The Mirror Releases Spooky Trailer and Lands Distro Deal
Did you watch the trailer for Oculus the other day and think that horror movies about haunted mirrors were too few and far between? You’ll be among those pleased to know High Point (via ScreenDaily) picked up the U.K. found footage thriller The Mirror from director Ed Boase (Blooded). News of the acquirement was soon followed by the release of the film’s sales trailer, seen above. It’s got the markings of a second-gen shaky cam flick, where cameras are given to everyone and are also set up all over the place, and is quick to let audiences know that not everyone is comfortable being filmed once shit starts getting weird. We know what’s coming, right?

But The Mirror is firmly rooted in the contemporary, with a starting off point taken straight from real life. A mostly hogwash story hit the media involving a haunted antique mirror whose owners were plagued by illness, finance troubles and weird sightings. So the three protagonists – Jemma Dallender, Joshua Dickinson and Nate Fallows – are using their footage ostensibly as an application to famed debunker James Randy’s never-won $1 million prize to anyone with definitive proof of the existence of anything supernatural. What makes this one look better than average is that it seems to remain rooted in psychological terror rather than having a bunch of ghosts and goblins roaming around. Plus, British indie horror films tend to feature more enjoyably written characters. And mirrors are freaky, yo. That’s my soul in there.

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