Kickstart Feature Length Claymation Horror Spook Train 3D
Claymation filmmaker Lee Hardcastle first made his name with a 60-second Evil Dead clip, and then won a contest to make his way into the anthology film The ABCs of Death in 2012 with the short T is for Toilet. It isn’t often that claymation artists get such wide acclaim, so it’s especially awesome that his next project sounds this badass. He took to Kickstarter to promote Spook Train, a faux trailer for a finished product that he hopes campaign donors will fund. And every reward will come with Ghost Burger, the 22-minute sequel to his T is for Toilet short. Ba-zing!

The hook to this project, as you can see in the video above, is a group of kids stumping upon a legendary carnival attraction that was closed down due to its horrific past, and the film will work as an anthology of ten different stories that take place in each of the haunted house’s rooms. Not only is the bizarro-twisted sense of humor on point, but the clay work itself is cleverly gory, fluid, and as effective as one could possibly hope for. If this project doesn’t get funded, I’m going to start my own so people will pay me to smack around everyone else who didn’t donate. Here’s a trailer for Ghost Burger, just in case you weren’t sated by the video above.

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