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App Movie Haunting Melissa Getting Sequel
Such is the growing world of entertainment mediums that we’re following a web premiere story with one about a mobile phone app being greenlit for a sequel. Utilizing a random episodic release schedule, Haunting Melissa debuted in 2013, telling the surprisingly creepy and mysterious story of Melissa (Kassia Warshawski), a girl who has been plagued by paranormal occurrences since the disappearance of her mother. The project was conceived and directed by Neal Edelstein, producer of Mulholland Drive and The Ring, and produced by Hooked Digital Media. Beyond the already unique approach to horror storytelling, Haunting Melissa also incorporated Dynamic Story Elements, which changed certain aspects of the story when viewers went back and rewatched segments.

Bestselling author Andrew Klavan will be back to pen the screenplay for this sequel, which is set to hit the iOS8 App Store later this year. According to the release, Haunting Melissa 2 will start off "one month after Melissa’s disappearance with her return home." And I’m betting that return won’t be a very peaceful one. Most of the cast will be returning, joined by Jenna Berman (iZombie), Megan Tracz (Fallout Asylum) and Rohan Campbell (The Right Kind of Wrong). If you haven’t had the offsetting pleasure of experiencing Haunting Melissa yet, it’s only a download and a dark bedroom away from being yours.

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