texas chainsaw massacre poster
Texas Chain Saw Massacre Goes High-Def for Theatrical Re-Release
We already knew that MPI/Dark Sky Films and Tobe Hooper were celebrating the 40th anniversary of his seminal 1974 classic The Texas Chain Saw Massacre by debuting a restored version of the film at this year’s SXSW on Monday, followed by a limited theatrical run. But we weren’t quite sure just how big a restoration project this was until now, as Dark Sky detailed a lot of the time-consuming process in a recent press release. As well, EW debuted the brand new promo poster from artist Jason Edmiston, which you can see above in all its armored shell glory.

Hooper’s original 16mm print was given to NOLO Digital Film in Chicago and put through hundreds of hours of restorations in transferring the resolution to 4K, and the sound to a remastered 7.1 sound. While much of the film’s aesthetic pleasure comes from its low-quality look, I’m interested in seeing it cleaned up, as the film went through a major color correction, with thousands of still frame artifacts removed from the film. There were actual rips in the film that had to be rebuilt using surrounding frames. Hooper was in on the sound restoration, as he worked on the original sound editing and score. There’s no word yet where this film will be heading once SXSW is through, but it seems like a waste of an effort to fix it up that much to only show it in New York and L.A. Bring it to the masses, Dark Sky! Here are a couple of the remastered stills EW put out, though they don’t look dramatically different to me.

texas chain saw stills

texas chain saw stills

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