Super Creepy Child Eater Short Film Needs Help Becoming an Even Freakier Feature
Above you got to hear director Erlingur Thoroddsen with producer (and Cinema Blend alum) Perri Nemiroff pitching the worth of their festival favorite short Child Eater should become a full-length feature and why it would be good for you to join in on the Kickstarter campaign to get it made. Let’s be clear, though. Their advice was unneeded, as Child Eater is an expertly crafted trope-filled throwback thriller, packing twice as much atmosphere as its 14-minute length calls for. So raising only $15,000 to guarantee the film getting made is an extremely small sum to shoot for. But a filmmaker’s imagination is priceless.

The general story in Child Eater is nothing new, though the particulars are where the short nails it. The young and worrisome Helen is babysitting Lucas, a boy afraid of the titular boogeyman, whose rhyming legend includes eating children’s eyes to keep from going blind. A tie-in fable about different colored crows also fits in, and we get to meet the girl’s boyfriend, who shows up and makes horny moves at her to no avail. Minor faults are overshadowed by the fear-escalating sound and music and blanketing tension. Only the rarest of films can actually scare me, but I will say the darkly comedic touch to the shocks here made me holler out with glee. It "goes there" a couple of times, and I’d love to see Thoroddsen do the same thing many times over in a full-length, with hopefully a little more depth to the legend. Without further ado, turn your speakers up and feast upon Child Eater.

CHILD EATER from Erlingur Óttar Thoroddsen on Vimeo.

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