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Eli Roth Will Knock Knock His Next Feature Out Soon
While I haven’t always been the biggest fan of Eli Roth’s filmography, I admire and respect how closely he sticks to his gore-soaked guns and makes the films he wants to see regardless of what the financial gain will be. As a follow-up to his cannibal tribe thriller The Green Inferno, Roth recently announced he’ll be directing Knock Knock, for which he’ll team with screenwriters Guillermo Amoedo and Nicolás López, who wrote the Roth-produced Aftershock.

According to TheWrap, Knock Knock will take place in the home of a married man who is unexpectedly the victim of two young girls whose seductive motivations will soon ruin his life. It doesn’t immediately sound over-the-top, but I’m betting ample amounts of blood and nudity will put this closer to Audition than something like The Strangers. With a budget just shy of $10 million, the film will open its doors to production in April.

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