The Chupacabra is So Gonna Get You in Indigenous
You’ve seen a billion movies with aliens, millions with Bigfoot, and thousands with mutant reptile movies, but you’ve probably only seen a handful of non-Syfy movies about the legendary cryptid so often confused for dying animals with the mange. Alastair Orr’s indie Indigenous is looking to give the disgusting beast more time in the spotlight when it premieres at the Tribeca Film Festival, and this festival trailer could use that light to brighten up the dark, dangerous jungle that our stereotypical cast of traveling Americans are stuck in.

Vacationing in Panama, this fivesome makes friends with a mysterious woman in a bar who takes them out to a secluded area of the jungle near beautiful waterfalls. Wouldn’t you know it, the woman goes missing and the friends are soon being hunted by one of the most horrifying looking creatures that comes to mind. I mean seriously, there’s only the slightest chance that this movie is going to look or feel different from a ton of other "stalked in the woods" movies – though Orr was thankfully wise enough to keep this out of the found footage genre – but this freaky ass Chupacabra makeup/costume will no doubt live on after the film does. Maybe he and ChromeSkull from the Laid to Rest movies can team up.



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