Spanish Thriller Witching And Bitching Crosses Witchcraft With Caper Comedy
Above is the U.S. trailer for Spanish filmmaker Alex de La Iglesia’s witchy crime story Witching & Bitching, and though it’s similar to the international trailer that the film has used in promotion for a while now, we’ve never covered it on Cinema Blend before, so it’s fair game. You might know de la Iglesia from his 1995 cult hit The Day of the Beast, or from his English-language mystery The Oxford Murders, with Elijah Wood and John Hurt. Witching & Bitching, as you might be able to tell by the trailer's use of hardcore band Refused, is a combination of madness, mythology and abject badassery.

A group of thieves, dressed in the most fabulous bank-robbing costumes imaginable, experience a heist gone wrong and attempt to quietly flee the country to let the hubbub die down (one of the thieves also brings his son along as to not give up custody rights to his ex-wife. You know that will go well for him) Stopping at a small tavern, the guys get enveloped into a world of ritualistic mischief, and they end up having to escape not only a vengeful witch, but a couple of dum-dum cops and that previously mentioned ex-wife. It looks like pure madness condensed to feature-length, and I’ll never ever forget the sight of metallic Jesus blasting a shotgun. Witching & Bewitching hits VOD (and select theaters) on June 13th.

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