Apollo 18
Open Grave and Apollo 18 Director Finds Sanctuary in Next Project
After the abysmally boring space dud Apollo 18, director Gonzalo Lopez-Gallero created the not-quite-as-boring-but-still-should-have-been-better thriller Open Grave. For his third film, he’s going deep into South America to do his damnedest to make ghost towns as marginally exciting as possible with Atlas Entertainment’s Sanctuary, written by Ryne Douglas Pearson, who blew everyone’s minds with his script for 2009’s Knowing, which made more sense than any film in history.

In Sanctuary, three documentarians head down to South America to search for a town that seemingly ceased to exist. Once they find it, they’re "led to the ultimate enigma," which amounts to a huge concrete structure in the middle of the town with no way in or out. I’m a sucker for mysterious structures, but I really hope this won’t be a mockumentary like his first film was.

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