Wolfcop 2 Already Got the Greenlight
Cannes has been kind to off-the-wall genre films, from Cody Knotts’ self-explanatory Pro Wrestlers vs. Zombies to Lowell Dean’s comedic horror WolfCop, the latter of which has already gotten the greenlight for a sequel from CineCoup and Raven Banner Entertainment. That’s right - before WolfCop even has a chance to hit theaters, we already know that WolfCop 2 is on the way. This truly is a world of wonder and magic.

Set to be released in Canada on June 6th, WolfCop tells the tale of Lou, an alcoholic cop whose blackouts are becoming more frequent and can’t all be attributed to boozing. The horrific crime scenes he’s investigating start to look a little familiar, and he comes to understand that male pattern baldness may be the least of his problems. While details on the sequel are of course being kept under wraps, CineCoup president Brad Pelman says that it "will be dirtier and harrier than the first one." It’s bound to make our day for sure. Make sure the moon is only half-full and take a peek at the first film’s trailer below.

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