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The Quiet Ones Puts Out Awesome Poster With Its U.K. Trailer
In this world of increasingly Photoshopped posters, you can usually count on horror films to deliver artwork that steps outside the box for something different, and Hammer Films’ The Quiet Ones has done just that. Star Olivia Cooke, who plays the central mystery Jane, is seen with a bunch of…stuff coming off of her. Is it fire? Ghosts? Plants? Part of the fun is not knowing. I don’t know if it looks as unspeakable as the film’s tagline describes it, but it’s rather undescribable.

Jane is the subject of a paranormal experiment at Oxford University run by a professor (Jared Harris) who thinks he and a team of fearless students can induce a poltergeist spawning from the girl’s fractured psyche. What they don’t consider, of course, is that major damage can’t always be undone. And in this case, the damage includes a whole world of paranormal distress and misery. I can’t wait to see this one, as it looks to be a film that eschews fake-out scares for a barrage of constant WTF-ness. Plus, I can use it as a blueprint to figure out what to do with this quiet and subdued girl that appeared in my backyard a few days ago. Check out the new U.K. trailer below, which doesn’t really offer any new footage, but streamlines the stuff we’ve already seen.

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