Jessabelle Trailer Invites You to Come Home Again
Blumhouse Productions, the profit-oozing studio behind the Paranormal Activity franchise and Sinister, is back to move your furniture around with the trailer for Jessabelle, a brand spanking new tale of…sinister paranormal activity. Okay, so nobody really expects them to completely run away from their wheelhouse, and Jessabelle is about as cookie-cutter as horror gets. Ghostly presence dredged up by poking around a dead person’s belongings? Check. VHS tape with a message of doom on it? Check. Woman sleeping in a bathtub clearly filled with something that isn’t water? Check. Name of the movie said several times during the trailer in a haunting whisper? I could do this all day.

That isn’t to say that Jessabelle will be terrible or anything. Directed by Saw 3D’s Kevin Greutert, Jessabelle’s wild card is a script written by comedian Ben Garant (Reno 911), who used the so-so horror comedy Hell Baby to shift into straight paranormal storytelling. The story follows Jessie (Sarah Snook), who gets into a tragic accident and moves back home to Louisiana to recuperate with her widower father. She uncovers an evil spirit that may have had something to do with the death of her mother (Joelle Carter). The trailer’s main fault is giving away too much, as I’d rather know less about a simple plot like this before going in. But now I’m intrigued to see just how many times Jessie’s injuries are exploited for scares, as it’s hard to run away when you can’t run in the first place. Wheel out and see it in theaters on August 29.

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