Things are looking good for Nathan Fillion to play Ant-Man in the upcoming Avengers film. First rumored to be up for the part back in May, the actor has the support of just about every comic book fan, not to mention an in with the director, Joss Whedon, whom he worked with on Firefly and Serenity. With a second source close to the production now saying that the actor is in final negotiations, we must wonder how close we are to seeing the official casting. And what about his wife?

ComicBookMovie has received word from a source that not only is Fillion all-but-confirmed to play Hank "Ant-Man" Pym, but that Desperate Housewives star Eva Longoria will play Janet Van Dyne, better known as The Wasp, in the upcoming superhero ensemble flick. While their characters may be named, however, they are far from defined. According to the site, it's unknown as to whether Pym and Dyne will have their superpowers in the film or if they will even be married. With the San Diego Comic Con quickly coming up in July, all of these questions should be answered fairly soon.

We can take the Longoria news with a grain of salt, as she has been attached to the role of The Wasp since 2008 with the only evidence being a photo of her holding a bunch of comics while exiting the Marvel offices. As for Fillion, casting anyone else in the part at this point would just be dumb. Fans have been elated by the idea from the moment it was suggested and could be great PR for one of the lesser known heroes in the Marvel universe. Check back in a month when a bunch of us here at Cinema Blend will be going to SDCC to see if any of this speculation has any weight to it.

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