It's zero hour and New Line Cinema's marketing department is finally getting the whole Snakes on a Plane marketing thing right. Over the past few months we've watched in incredulity as they tried to market it as a serious horror movie, while Sam Jackson did his level best to go around assuring everyone that in fact, it's just good, fun, trash cinema.

With the movie set to hit theaters at 10:00 pm on Thursday night, they're getting the damn thing right. Maybe not in theaters, but the movie's latest TV spots are killer.

I've posted my favorite one below. It's cheesy, it's silly, the music is blood pumpingly terrible, and the whole thing's totally over the top. Sam Jackson repeating phrases, plane walls blowing the fuck out, snakes everywhere, flames, screaming, almost nudity. Fuck yeah. That's the Snakes on a Plane I want to see tomorrow night. Watch it below, and then let's all punch each other in the nuts and hope that's what we actually get.

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