When I sat with Unkrich one-on-one later on, I asked him if there was any temptation to change aspects of the movie beyond the visual effects. I didn't have anything specific in mind when I brought it up- I can't imagine what changes could be made to improve the story - but I was curious about his perspective, looking back at something he worked on years ago…
I can't think of anything in Nemo that I would change, story wise, at this point. But even if there was something, we wouldn't do it. We're very strong believers in - the films that we make are films that we made in a particular point in our lives. We did the best we could to make them, and we sent them out into the world. And we don't want to keep revisiting them. George Lucas obviously likes to continue to tinker with his movies, but other people don't.

It was interesting for me with Spielberg. Spielberg redid all the E.T. shots in CG, but then he later said he regretted it. And now all subsequent releases of the movie are going back to the original. I think there's a temptation there because sometimes you dream big, and you have an idea of what you want to get up there on the screen, but the tools kind of hold you back. And I think in George's case, he just wants to create the movies he always had in his head. In our case, you know, you look at our earlier films, they are crude at times, but it was the best we could do at that time, and we just feel like it's important to remain as they were.

We also got on the subject of Dory. The primary focus of Finding Nemo's story is on Marlin getting to Nemo, but Dory is a big part of the humor in the film. Unkrich said it was clear from the beginning when they first started working with Ellen Degeneres that Dory was a really funny character and there was a lot of heart in her. But one of the greatest things about Dory as a character is that she's this sort of light-and-funny figure in an otherwise emotionally heavy movie, and then we get to the end, and she brings this great emotional moment in the film. "In my mind, that's when someone is firing on all cylinders in a movie," Unkrich said. "If you can take a character that the audience has been laughing at and then have you feel for them. When does that happen? That's great. That's like gold."

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