The MTV Movie Awards are coming this weekend, and given that the show could pretty much be renamed The Twilight Saga awards these last few years, it was safe to assume there'd be some heavy promotion for this fall's upcoming Breaking Dawn. Turns out, this is the kind of huge promotional event that merits that rare example of the advertising snake eating its own tail-- a trailer for a trailer. Oh yes, it is a very special day indeed. The clip debuted, where else, at, and you can watch it embedded below.

The one thing I do enjoy is that it's not every day you hear the ominous, pounding trailer music and deep-voiced narration over scenes of… a wedding. A very pretty wedding, and not one where anyone is likely to bust out a machine gun or, knowing these docile vampires, even bite anyone. I'm no fan of the Twilight movies or the weird retro things they stand for, but I do get a kick of seeing female audiences targeted the same way young men are for summer superhero movies.

We'll be posting all the trailers and whatever other nonsense pops up during the Movie Awards on Sunday; as for Breaking Dawn, you can look for that in theaters on November 18.

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