The short Day & Night may just be as anticipated as the movie it's premiering in front of, Pixar's Toy Story 3. Each of the animation giant's films has been preceded by a lovable little short, but none of them have been as well marketed as this one.

The two titular characters act as 2D windows into a 3D world; through one window is the world during the day, and the other night. This has been what we've been told now for quite some time, but /Film got their hands on the first look at this concept in action. It's very short and spoiler free, serving just as a brief glimpse so people will stop saying, "huh?!" when they try to wrap their heads around it.

Day & Night and Toy Story 3 premiere on June 18th, which I'm anticipating will be pretty much the best day ever. Toy Story marathon before a midnight screening, anyone? I think so. Head over to Slashfilm to check out the Day & Night clip and join the excitement.

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